Learning Center

These are review papers and helpful links that prospective group members and the Nanomedicine community may find helpful.

Speech About Jokerst lab Research

Here is a link talking about Jokerst lab research since 2015.

How To Write Better Emails, Cover Letters, and Recommendation Letters

Here is a guideline of writing email, cover letters, and recommendation letters.

Lecture About Photoacoustics/Biophotonics

Dr. Jesse Jokerst gave a lecture about photoacoustics/biophotonics.

Lecture About Photoacoustic Imaging

Dr. Jesse Jokerst gave a lecture about photoacoustic imaging for 'molecular imaging and quantitation in living cells (BENG235)' class.

Review Paper About Nanomaterials for In Vivo Imaging

Dr. Bryan Smith and Prof. Sam Gambhir thoroughly review the design, fabrication, and safety of new developed nanomaterials as contrast agents for in vivo imaging.

New Activatable Photoacoustic Probes for Molecular Imaging

Dr. Qingqing Miao and Prof. Kanyi Pu review the new designs of photoacoustic probes that can provide real-time molecular information at the sites of interest.

Helpful Paper About Meta-Analysis of Nanoparticle Delivery

Nature paper reviews nanoparticle delivery to tumors.

Tips for Incoming Ph.D. Students

Thank you to Dr. Stearns for sharing these tips!

How To Write a Review Paper

Here is a guideline writing a review paper.

Aims Pages Writings

The Collaborative Learning and Integrated Mentoring in the Biosciences (CLIMB) presents videos and examples about writing successful Aims Pages in dissertation proposals and in grant applications.

Rescuing US Biomedical Research From Its Systemic Flaws

Dr. Varmus and colleagues share ideas on improving the NIH.

Nanotechnology Characterization Lab

The National Cancer Institute hosts the NCL in support of clinical translation of nanotechnology. Note assays available.

What To Expect From Your PhD Supervisor

...And what they expect of you. Great webinar.

The 'Right' Size in Nanobiotechnology

Professor George Whitesides discusses the relationship between chemistry and nanotechnology in this classic paper.

Nano-Bio Speakers

Watch archived seminar speakers from the Stanford Nano-Bio seminar series.

Stanford Cardiovascular Seminar Speakers

Watch exciting talks in the field of cardiovascular medicine.

Theranostic Nanoparticles

Jesse outlines the role of theranostic nanoparticles in Accounts of Chemical Research.

A Molecular Imaging Primer

Michelle James and Sam Gambhir comprehensively review Molecular Imaging in 2012.

The Big Picture of Nanomedicine

Dr. Jeffrey McCullough at Michigan reviews the current status of FDA-approved nanomedicines. See also impressive supplementary information.

A Review on Photoacoustic Contrast Agents

To get a better understanding of Photoacoustic Contrast Agents, read this review by Sarah Bohndiek and colleagues in Nature.